Serbian ambassador to NATO commits suicide

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Serbian ambassador to NATO commits suicide in Brussels airport

Serbian ambassador to NATO, Branislav Milinkovic, has died after jumping from a Brussels airport parking lot on Tuesday night. The news of the Serbian ambassador’s death has emerged amid Serbian discussions with NATO officials.

The police have initiated an investigation into the Serbian ambassador’s death, which appears to be a case of suicide. The Serbian government has declared that their ambassador to NATO died immediately after leaping from the 8- to 10-meter-high platform at night.

Emergency medical services were called to the scene of the jumping but were unable to revive the Serb ambassador.

The Brussels prosecutor’s office has remarked that it was certain that the Serbian ambassador’s death was a suicide. The reasons behind the apparent suicide are unclear, which is what the police will attempt to unearth.

Branislav Milinkovic had come to the Brussels airport on Tuesday to welcome the Serbian Deputy Foreign Minister, Zoran Vujicm, who had landed in the Belgian capital for Serbia-NATO talks along with other Serbian officials.

The Serbia-NATO talks are to revolve around the contested border zone between Serbia and Kosovo.

Subsequent to the Serbian delegation having arrived at the Brussels airport, they walked through the airport parking lot to their vehicles respectively. The Serbian ambassador abruptly separated from the group, rushed to the barrier and leapt.