General Health & Suicide Health Avoiding ‘tummy bugs’

Avoiding ‘tummy bugs’

Avoiding ‘tummy bugs’

Poor hygiene can lead to food poisoning and gastro-enteritis (an infection in the bowel)

    • Remember always wash your hands after visiting the toilet and before handling food.

Food care

Care should be taken in the storage of food, particularly in hot weather. Bacteria can flourish on the surface of chilled or frozen food which are allowed to warm up in the hot boot of a car on the way home from the shops, or in an inefficient or over loaded refrigerator.

    • Food especially meat, that is not frozen should be kept well covered and well refrigerated (ideally at around 4 degrees centigrade) and not stored beyond the “sell by” date.
    • Always ensure that when food is reheated it is heated thoroughly to kill any bacteria. This is particularly important when using a microwave oven.