General Health & Suicide Health Does Lariam Work To Prevent Malaria?

Does Lariam Work To Prevent Malaria?

Does Lariam Work To Prevent Malaria?

Mosquitoes do not cause malaria as such, but they play a key role in the transmission of the illness. Malaria is a condition caused by parasites known as Plasmodium, which are carried by mosquitoes throughout their lives.

Although the parasites have no impact upon the health of the mosquitoes themselves, they do present a serious health risk for humans. If a mosquito bites into the skin, plasmodium parasites are injected into the bloodstream and begin reproducing through the body.

Naturally, the immune system tries to fight the illness, but reproduction continues at an alarming rate, the body is overwhelmed, and the symptoms of malaria begin to show and grow increasingly more serious.

Lariam contains the active ingredient mefloquine. Mefloquine stops the parasites in your red blood cells from reproducing, and therefore prevents the spread of the illness and the development of symptoms. This helps the body to naturally rid itself of the parasite, although Lariam itself will eventually kill the parasites completely.