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Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Husband, Wife,
Friend, now they are no longer with you how much has it changed
your life? No matter whom you have lost, no one else can count
the cost of how you feel the hurt the pain, knowing their lives were
such a strain, because each one did decide to end their life by suicide.

If the one you loved died this way, how can you go on day to day,
knowing how they used to be full of love and lots to share, happy,
hopeful, always there, now all we feel is deep despair, our hearts
are aching to be there to take them in our arms again, forgive,
forget to end the pain.

We feel we let them down some way, could we have prevented
that evil day, when they decided they could not remain was their
live so consumed with pain, will their hurting end at last, now they
have escaped their tortured past, perhaps the peace and settled
mind they so desperately were seeking to find, has been worth all
the hurt and pain left to us while we remain.

It has changed our life in such a way, perhaps we will understand
one day, like life and the changing seasons, we are told there are
always reasons for the things we say and do, can any of this make
sense to you, perhaps you can tell us why, the ones we love have to die.

(This was a poem written by a member of our group who had lost her sister)

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