Food problems

Food problems

Some people are allergic to certain foods, such as shellfish or milk products and eating these foods may result in diarrhea, palpitations or a skin rash. Others may have what is called a food intolerance and find that their insides react to particular foods (wheat or dairy products, certain meats, vegetables, eggs or chocolate for example) causing abdominal pain, diarrhea or vomiting.

  • If this problem is persistent, it may be due to some underlying disease, and your doctor should be consulted. Once the problem is identified, it may be possible to avoid the offending foods and limit its recurrence.

While you are away

Many people are all too aware of the miseries of holiday diarrhea. It is usually the result of a bacterial infection from contaminated food or water supplies, but may also be due to nerves, a change of diet or too much alcohol.

  • While you are away, drinking only boiled or bottled water, choosing food with care and avoiding ice, unpeeled fruit, salads, shellfish and ice cream will all help reduce the risk of an attack.