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Suicide Rates & Suicide bereavement

Suicide is a bereavement like no other, very often those left behind feel very isolated, their friends find it difficult to know what to say and therefore are unable to offer support, sometimes even crossing the road to avoid seeing the bereaved person.

This in turn increases the isolation felt as the bereaved try to accept that their loved ones have taken their own lives, they are alone with their thoughts which they find impossible to understand.

The Norfolk and Norwich Suicide bereavement support group, established in 1990, offers a safe environment to explore, with others, the whirlpool of emotions following suicide.

On occasions people experience difficulty in joining a group therefore we also offer one to one contact and if desired the opportunity to speak with others who have been bereaved by suicide.

Sometimes people have a desire to write their thoughts in verse and we believe the following two poems are very meaningful.


  • 60% died by hanging /strangulation
  • 25% died by poisoning
  • 75% died in their own home, with the next most common location of death being in a park or woodland

Contact with services:

  •  76% had contact with primary care in the three months prior to death
  • 31% made their last contact with primary care for a mental health problem
  • 17% had made contact with accident and emergency
  • 37% were known to be in contact or previously had contact with mental health services