Summary of findings from Audit of Suicides and Undetermined Deaths in Leeds 2008-2010:

Audit derived rates for suicide for the Leeds population

Do not appear to be changing over time

Of those taking their own life in Leeds:

  • 79% were male
  • 61% were from a white British background
  • 57% were born in Leeds
  • 47% were in the 30-50 age group

Time and place:

The highest number of recorded deaths was in the LS12 postcode, followed by LS11, LS14, LS15, LS8 and LS9 postcodes

More suicides occur towards the end of the week

Figures for risk factors are:

  • 42% were unemployed or on long-term sick leave
  • 40% had relationship problems
  • 76% were single, divorced or separated
  • 37% were known to have either a drug or alcohol problem or both
  • 43% had previously attempted suicide and 30% had self-harmed